What is New System to Recruit Foreign Workers?

“KUALA LUMPUR: The system of recruiting foreign workers through agents or companies will be abolished soon. Home Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the task, which is now outsourced by the ministry to more than 100 companies, would be taken over by the Human Resource Ministry via Private Employment Agencies (APS). According to him, APS are subject to a special act to ensure the intake of foreign workers is better managed according to existing regulations and laws. Muhyiddin said negotiations with the companies involved had been held and the government agreed to give more time to these companies to place workers under their responsibility to selected employers. “Our objective in taking the measure is to avoid several undesirable matters such as human trafficking and various issues relating to foreign workers,” he said. He was speaking to reporters after chairing a joint committee meeting in Parliament with the Human Resource Ministry on the management of foreign workers.”

As cited in the above article, new SYSTEM is implemented and commence NEW RECRUITING SYSTEM under Ministry of Human Recourses. And its practice is the under-privilege of

C LICENSE (namely Agensi Pekerjaan Swasta or called “APS”)

After new implementation of the recruiting system above, all Employer to hire Foreign Workers into Malaysia must go through C License Holder as a proxy of the recruiting agent on Malaysia side and C license holder is only allowed to handle formality such as the application of

  • 1. Labour Department Application

  • 2. KDN approval

  • 3. Appointing Recruiting Agency in Source Country (Negara Sumber)

  • 4. Setting Up Interview and Screening Candidates

  • 5. Processing Calling Visa

  • 6. Flight Arrangement from Source Country

  • 7. Clearance of Arrival at Entry point (KLIA)

What is C License?

Prior to awarding [C LICENSE], application was duly screened and examined by the relevant ministry (Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources and related Government Agencies), and over the few years in terms of the Criteria and Point Remarks such as

  • 1. History of Legal compliance in terms of Foreign Workers

  • 2. Track Record of Handling Foreign Workers

  • 3. Financial stability and strength

  • 4. No criminal record in Immigration and Police

  • 5. Processing Calling Visa

  • 6. Flight Arrangement from Source Country

  • 7. Clearance of Arrival at Entry point (KLIA)

COVERAGE under C License

As well as Recruiting Agency of Foreign Workers, C License is to cover the range of Services as below.

  • 1. To Recruit Foreign Workers on behalf of Employer

  • 2. To Supply House Maid from Source Country

  • 3. To Support Working Permit handling on behalf of Employer

  • 4. To Find Job opportunity for Malaysian Talent Personnel to Overseas

  • 5. To Recruit local Contract Workers