Global Manpower Recruiting Consultancy

Our consultants have vast experience to recruit Foreign Manpower and maintain professional skills to manage Planning and Recruitment. From our Human Asset and dedicated experiences, we have strong confidence that the Solutions towards Foreign Manpower Recruiting CREATE win-win situation to valued clients and GENERATE and BOOST the future business development.

Under C LICENSE category, we provide the Client with full support of documentation, submission, approval as authorized agency. All our Clients don’t have to spend time with trifull and complicated handling of such works and deal with the Government authority.

Under new regulation by Ministry of Human Resources, all Employer to recruit Foreign Manpower must go through Government Approved Agent as proxy and act on behalf of them to represent and deal with the agency in source county.

As repeatedly mentioned, we were awarded by Ministry of Human Resources the new License, Agensi Pekerjaan Swasta (APS), so that we are entitled to do said work with full confidence and serve full support for our valued Clients at any time.

We have ample of associate agencies in each Source Country and we can choose right candidates from right agency to meet the requirements of Clients’ criteria, specification and education level of Foreign Manpower. We keep and maintain tight communication with associate agencies in each country from beginning of recruitment and interview to departure and placement to the Clients’ designated places.
We encourage our clients to go for interviews at source country. Our trained consultants conduct interview session at source country by assistance of trip schedule, hotel booking arrangement, interview tools preparation, and final name list preparation. They sit and screen together with the Clients’ Representatives and examine the candidates with the full specifications such as personality, adequacy, suitability, health condition, family background and education level.

This process in the Immigration Department is the most time consuming and complicated for the Clients to act first steps as the lawful Employer of Foreign Manpower. However, we as a licensed agent can handle these works in the Immigration Department as authorized agent (“Wakil”) of the Client.

At the same time, we can also take in the renewal of any working permit regardless of any tier class, category or nationality for future extension.

After calling visa is issued, we must engage and schedule departure schedule from the source country. We confirm and arrange a number of Foreign Manpower to take flight while we ask the Clients’ receiving schedule simultaneously. We know that the arrival schedule of Foreign Manpower involves many works such as hostel and transport arrangements, training schedules, uniform preparation, and manpower planning with production (floor, worksite) department.

At this point of scheduling, we always keep a reminder to ourselves that we shall make very tight communication with both the Clients and the Agency and we must make sure exact number of Foreign Manpower arriving at the entry point of Malaysia (KLIA airport)

As a professional recruiting agent, we have our native language supervisor to assist airport clearance. He / She assist airport clearance at the entry point of Malaysia (KLIA airport) and guides them to the bus station until being seated. He / She will escort Fresh Foreign Manpower to the designated hostel and ease communication with them until they feel comfortable to sleep in a new hostel on the first day of their arrival.
When there are needs to assist Induction Training prior to orientation at the worksite, we can provide them with suitable and adequate training to familiarize their social life of Malaysia except for work-related information. We have a special module to conduct its training with their native languages. From the feedback we have received so far, our existing clients are satisfied with the quality of its service.